FEAR! FEAR is the cape that hides our traits and veils our potential…

The silence in the room is eerie. Not one single sound, not one single breath is being heard. It feels like the whole room has been vacuumed of noises and has been sound proofed. An image of the famous painting “Scream” by Edward Munch could have been invoked, but the soundtrack is inaudible. I want to cut this fog of quietness and speak up my mind, but, as most of us have been unconsciously trained not to disagree with our boss, our so-called superiors, I make a huge effort to bite my tongue.
A cruel remark has been just slammed in one of my colleagues’ face, and I am trying to understand why not even one of us is reacting. People seem to be under anesthesia, injected with the “fear serum.” The more I look around, the more I see that nobody is willing to jump in the discussion or have, as a matter of fact, some sort of an opinion.
Is it Fear….or ist it the Dracula Untold version?

All of us were born in love and out of love, and the more we add years under our belts, the more we forget about the divine cloth we are were made out of, picking so many fears like the colors of the rainbow. We are afraid of being judged, criticized, blamed, put down, singled out, rejected, dumped, and left behind. We are afraid of being demoted, fired, ostracized, and labeled negatively.
Since when Dracula, the Prince of Darkness, resides in us on a daily basis? Since when has the night overextended itself into the day?

But, let’s take a closer look; maybe everything starts with fear and from fear, or from that feeling that we have labeled as being “fear,” and is obviously seen, according to popular belief, as a negative one.


Marianne Williamson once said in A Return to Love, “our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.” On one hand, people are afraid of loosing things like their job, house, boyfriends, so they mobilize themselves to do something in order to avoid being fired, being foreclosed on their property, or just being dumped by the love of their lives. And, on the other hand, at the end of the rainbow, because they are not afraid of anything, not even of death, they jump from planes, they push their bodies far beyond their limits, they travel to unknown and dangerous places in this world, they flirt with blurred lines and uncharted territories, they take the bull by its horns and wrestle with their demons.

Born in a Communist regime, under the scrutiny of Secret Services, dodging bullets during the Romanian Revolution in 1989, I have learned that Fear is as real as you want it to be! Fear is an emotion like any other one; used in your advantage, it can move mountains and create palaces, while being afraid of your fears, it creates even more of them.
Whatever you focus on, Grows! Whatever you label as being Negative, will prove itself to you as being negative. And, the reverse of the coin is that whatever you think and label as positive will multiply itself and work in your benefit.
So, you can either treat your Fear as positive or negative or you can, after all, to dance with it without any judgment or labeling. Since I started living in the US, coming from Dracula’s county – Transylvania, I adopted the third approach; I have started looking at my Fear as my Dancing Partner. The more I step on his shoes, the more I need to practice that move and make-up for it. The moment I am aware, kind, sweet and giving, my Fear becomes Fred Astaire! I can waltz, tango, bolero rumba and salsa with him as much as I want having the time of my life!

The music just started, and we are ALL on the dancing floor; each move, breath, or emotion is worth being acknowledged and jotted down.

Care to join?